Endoterapia vegetal arbórea

ENDOplant is a revolutionary injection system, the result of more than ten years of experience performing plant endotherapy treatments with different injection equipment.

Thanks to our experience and the introduction of unique technological innovations, ENDOterapia Vegetal® has created a revolutionary machine to carry out trunk injection treatments in trees and palms for the control of pests and diseases, as well as the supply of nutritional substances.

This equipment is designed for companies and professionals who perform a large number of treatments due to its multiple qualities.


Working autonomy

Gran autonomía de trabajo

High capacity and high-performance lithium-ion batteries allow prolonged operation and long durability. The device runs on low consumption thanks to the optimised electric motor designed for demanding continuous operation.

Proven efficiency

Eficacia probada

The tests carried out by ENDOterapia Vegetal® in the last years, following the development process of the device, allow us to guarantee extremely effective treatments carried out with products tested on trees and palms.



The equipment has three parts: a main body, consisting of the dosing piston, a joystick with an LCD screen to control the application and two bottles for the injection product. A total of less than 4 kg in an all-in-one equipment.

Sturdy, safe and speedy

Robusto, rápido y seguro

The equipment has been manufactured with high-quality materials, with resin-coated electronic plates and watertight housing to operate in environments of high humidity and temperature. All connectors are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and the tubes are made of nylon so that they can resist the aggressiveness of plant protection and nutritional products.



The functionality of the equipment and the electro-mechanical system of operation have provided a great innovation in the market of endotherapy treatments of low environmental impact that has been protected by a worldwide patent.

Comfort and ergonomics

Máxima comodidad y ergonomía

The special care in the design of the equipment allows long working periods without feeling exhausted. User-friendly software, easy handling, adaptability of the main body to the back of the person applying the product with a harness made of 3D technical fabric, thought-through weight distribution and manageability of the joystick cover all the requirements of premium ergonomics.

Injection methodology



First, the perimeter of the trunk is drilled approximately every 30-40 cm.



The ENDOplug is then placed in the hole. This is a catheter that the injection needle will go through, allowing the product to go in and preventing it from leaking out.



Using a nylon hammer and a special positioner, the ENDOplug is fixed into the hole made in the tree.



Finally, the injection is performed with the selected trunk injection mechanism, inserting the needle into the ENDOplug.