ENDOterapia Vegetal® was created in 2004 as a pioneer company in making the trunk injection technique known around our country. From the very beginning – when very few trusted the three injection technique – and up until now, we have made a great effort to consolidate trunk injection (also known as plant endotherapy) as a treatment system that must necessarily be used in multiple situations. We have established ourselves as a leading company in the sector, with representation in many Spanish provinces and in different countries of Europe, Asia, South America, Central America and the United States.

  • Our work goes beyond treatments using the plant endotherapy technique in plant pathology and the commercialisation of equipment. We also extend are activity to the world of research, the search for improvements in our technique, with more effective treatments for different pests and diseases. We also intend to expand our scope of action in agriculture and forestry. ENDOterapia Vegetal® applies and sells therapeutic treatments, and further gives advice in this area. On the other hand, we also carry out different training programmes for companies and public administration.
  • Our services are aimed at public entities, private companies and individual who have tree care as part of their job. We cover everything from agriculture to ornamental trees.
  • We have a highly-qualified team to develop our project.
  • To preserve the health of trees in an effective and environmentally friendly way.
  • To be the international reference in the management of the different phytopathological problems thanks to the use of new technologies.
  • To train people in the use of new techniques applied to gardening.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement in all our processes.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Maximum transparency, reliance and commitment to our clients.