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Leaf blotch miner moth

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Project Description

Lepidopteran insect biologically very similar to the Cameraria.

It causes the same damage as the Cameraria; the caterpillars feed on the upper parenchyma of the leaves, forming characteristic galleries or mines (Fig. a and Fig. b). Severe attacks produce a general wilt of the leaf and premature fall.

Carry out a treatment with plant endotherapy (ENDOterapia Vegetal®) in a preventive way to avoid the onset of problems; the treatment will be carried out when the first adults appear after coming out of winter diapause.

A curative treatment can also be carried out. However, damage caused will disappear at a slower pace.

Project Details

Common name:
Scientific name:
Phyllonorycter millierella.
Affected plants:
Celtis australis and Celtis caucasica.

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