Vegetal Endotherapy


The history of Endotherapy goes back to the Renaissance, as it was Leonardo Da Vinci who made the very first experiments by injecting arsenic into trees. However, the system kept being developed in the USA and Italy up to our times. Endotherapy has achieved such a position that it has managed to substitute aerial treatments, and its use has been made compulsory in some states and cities.
Endoterapia Vegetal® is a therapeutic method for treatment of urban trees with a plant protection product which mainly consists in injecting the said product and/or fertilizer directly into the vascular system of the plant.
In regards to traditional aerial treatments,  it stands out for the absence of nebulization or atomization of chemical products on the environment, ground and water and it is also totally innocuous for the health of people and animals and can be used at any time of the day.
Strict operative protocols are applied by Endoterapia Vegetal® for each pest which ensure its efficacy and minimize damage to plants.


Endotherapy is a treatment that works based on the capacity of the sap to flow out from inside the vascular tissues (basically xylem). The flow of sap is determined by two parameters: transpiration and the capacity of osmotic interchange in roots; and therefore, when these two variables are operative, the treatment will fully work.
It is important that this type of treatment be carried out by specialized companies, as it requires a high knowledge of vegetal physiology as well as knowledge of the biology of pests and diseases.


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