Index of the most common mineral deficiencies of ornamental species in parks and gardens which may be corrected by means of Endoterapia Vegetal


Clorosis férrica

This type of phisiopathy is due to the fact the plants cannot absorb the iron (Fe) from the soil. This is a very important element for the photosynthesis of the plant and in any type of deficiency a shift of colour from green to yellow (chlorosis) can be observed in the plant. The fact that the plant is not able to absorb the iron from the soil does not mean that it lacks this element, but that the soil conditions do not make possible its absorption. This phenomenon occurs in alcaline pH conditions (pH>8,5). However, not all the species are equally sensitive to this phenomenon, as there are species which are more sensitive than others.

Due to the fact that it is very dificult to change the soil conditions, mainly its alkalinity, Endoterapia Vegetal is an alternative and successful method for the correction of this deficiency

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