Index of the most common pests in ornamental species in parks and gardens and which can be treated with Endoterapia Vegetal.

Palm Tree Red Weevil
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
Aphis, Cinara, Eriosoma, Eucallipterus, Mindarus, Myzus, Tinocallis, Pemphigus...
Elm Beetle
Xanthogaleruca luteola
Pine Processionary Caterpillar
Thaumetopoea pityocampa
Plane Lace Bug
Corythuca ciliata
Cochineal, Cocides, Lice, White lice and Cotton Cochineals
Icerya, Planococcus, Carulaspis, Saissetia, Leucaspis
White fly
Aleurothrixus, Aleurodicus, Trialeurode
Miner of the Horse Chestnut tree
Cameraria ohridella
Psila of Cercis or Love tree
Cacopsylla pulchella
Lymantria or Lizard
Lymantria dispar
Pine Borers
Tomicus destruens, Tomicus minor, Tomicus piniperda, Ips sp. y Orthotomicus sp.
Palm Tree Boring Caterpillar
Paysandisia archon
Hackberry Borer
Phyllonorycter millierella
Crhrysomelid Defoliator of Poplars and Willow Trees
Phratora laticollis
Zeuzera or Yellow Drill
Zeuzera pyrina
Oak Processionary
Thaumetopoea processionea
Cochineal of Oak Tree Branches
Kermes vermilio
Cochineal of the Ilex Trunk
Nidularia pulvinata
Cochineal of the Ilex Trunk
Paranthrene tabaniformis

Plane Lace Bug

Scientific name: Corythuca ciliata
Affected plant: Principally species of the genre Plane, although sporadically, in case of serious infestations, it has been found in species of other genres such as Fraxinus, Tilia or Acer.

The Tiger is a pest that comes from the USA and was detected for the first time in the peninsula in the plane of the Parc de la Devesa, Girona, in 1979; since then , it has progressively spread to the rest of the peninsula, settling here completely.
It is a sucking insect that feeds on the sap of the leaves leaving in them yellow spots; the cause is on the underside of the leaf. The most characteristic symptom is the discoloration of the leaves, beginning in the intersection of the secondary ribs with the main one until the leaf is completely yellow. In strong attacks, it causes a premature defoliation of the tree, which becomes leafless by late summer.
This pest causes three types of damages:
- it affects the vigour of the tree, due to the decrease in its photosynthetic capacity.
- Visual and environmental, due to the unsightly look of the trees and the nuisance they represent for adults in urban areas.
- They are vectors of viruses and other plane diseases.

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