Index of the most common pests in ornamental species in parks and gardens and which can be treated with Endoterapia Vegetal.

Palm Tree Red Weevil
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus
Aphis, Cinara, Eriosoma, Eucallipterus, Mindarus, Myzus, Tinocallis, Pemphigus...
Elm Beetle
Xanthogaleruca luteola
Pine Processionary Caterpillar
Thaumetopoea pityocampa
Plane Lace Bug
Corythuca ciliata
Cochineal, Cocides, Lice, White lice and Cotton Cochineals
Icerya, Planococcus, Carulaspis, Saissetia, Leucaspis
White fly
Aleurothrixus, Aleurodicus, Trialeurode
Miner of the Horse Chestnut tree
Cameraria ohridella
Psila of Cercis or Love tree
Cacopsylla pulchella
Lymantria or Lizard
Lymantria dispar
Pine Borers
Tomicus destruens, Tomicus minor, Tomicus piniperda, Ips sp. y Orthotomicus sp.
Palm Tree Boring Caterpillar
Paysandisia archon
Hackberry Borer
Phyllonorycter millierella
Crhrysomelid Defoliator of Poplars and Willow Trees
Phratora laticollis
Zeuzera or Yellow Drill
Zeuzera pyrina
Oak Processionary
Thaumetopoea processionea
Cochineal of Oak Tree Branches
Kermes vermilio
Cochineal of the Ilex Trunk
Nidularia pulvinata
Cochineal of the Ilex Trunk
Paranthrene tabaniformis

Elm Beetle

Scientific name: Xanthogaleruca luteola
Affected plant: mainly species of the genre Ulmus

The Galeruca is a monophagous coleopteran which feeds on leaves, both in its cocoon state as when it is adult. The damage done from one or the other can be made out, as adults make holes in the leaves, while cocoons eat the green parenchyma with great voracity and respecting the epidermis of the bundle, that is to say, they do not perforate the leaf, but it is left with a semi-transparent colour.
Due to this reason, in mid summer, trees remain defoliated or decrease their leaves in a high percentage, diminishing thus the vigour due to the reduction of its photosynthetic capacity.
If defoliations are repeated year after year, the tree becomes very weak so it remains in favourable conditions for perforating insects (Scolytus sp.) to invade it.
These beetles transmit a very deadly fungus (Ceratocystis ulmi) for the elms; this disease is known as the elm Ded.

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